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20 December 2007 @ 09:09 am
Okay, so I'm just a wee tad behind schedule on this one. Heh. Although in my defense, I would like to note that it is awfully hard to get into the seasonal spirit when people go and air Christmas episodes in November. ;)

In the New Year, I'll be switching my fannish content (including these recaps) over to my Insane Journal (username also carmen_sandiego), so please feel free to bookmark that journal/add to your IJ friends/add to your Bloglines feed/etc if you would like to continue with the recaps. I thank you all very kindly for reading these, it makes me smile to write then as well as to read comments.

Thank you to Bones Fans Online (particularly for non-principal character caps) and to killerweasel for the the lovely screencaps without which this picspam recap would not be possible.

3.10 - The Santa in the SlushCollapse )

Happy holidays!
I was being productive this morning and had a lot of fun with the picspam recap from yesterday, so I thought I'd give myself a break and try another one for last week's episode - which I hadn't gotten to recapping/reviewing yet anyhow.

Plus, it's only 1 day away from the next new episode, and I need something to fill the fannish void. ;)

Thank you again to killerweasel for the screencaps.

The Knight on the GridCollapse )
25 November 2007 @ 12:16 pm
I had this whole plan (particularly since I have been remiss in recapping due to the stupid REAL LIFE that keeps intruding on my leisure time, boo hiss) to do a picspam recap of the first 8 eps of the season, and sort of look back on it with sarcasm as we gear up for winter hiatus and possible strike-dom. Except then I started with the season premiere and realized that it is actually 100% impossible to do all 8 eps in one post, because I would still be sitting there 3 days later.

So, I'll start here and then see how we go. May this bring some merriment. And if not, well, I'll try better next time ;)

Huge, huge thanks to killerweasel for the screencaps, without which this picspam would not be possible.

The Widow's Son in the WindshieldCollapse )

As for the upcoming episode? yeah, my jury's still out. Also, I'm sort of bummed that it's not the Baby in the Bough episode. I was looking forward to some nice cheez. Oh well! I'm sure we'll get some yuletide schmaltz all the same.

Thank you for reading!
24 October 2007 @ 07:45 am
Just in brief for this week. Not bad overall, I thought.

3.04 - The Secret in the SoilCollapse )

Occasionally someone asks me what my plans for Halloween are, and I haven't had an answer. Now I think my answer will be, "watching Bones at home and eating cheesecake," because after the preview for next episode I think that sounds GREAT. :D
11 October 2007 @ 07:46 am
I take back what I said last week about Bones losing its mockability. ;)

3.03 - Death in the SaddleCollapse )
03 October 2007 @ 07:11 am
Folks, I'm having a problem. There's not as much left in this show for me to mock any more.

In brief - The Soccer Mom Woman Who Got Killed in Some Way...Collapse )
Either this show is getting better or I just really lowered my expectations over the summer. Either way, I call this one a win. Thank you for writing this one, Hart Hanson, and starting the season off on solid ground.

ETA: How could I forget to add that autobadgirl and janedavitt are in here, too! As A and J, respectively. Thanks for the fannish solidarity, ladies, let's watch again sometime!

3.01 - The Widow's Son in the WindshieldCollapse )
Sis: "Is that...Is that Hodgins?"
Me: "Yes! He cut off all his beautiful curls!"
J: "It's sort of...boy rocker look."
Sis: "If only he just tousled that front section a little bit..."
Me: "You know it."
Sis: "Oh Hodgins, c'mere and let me undo that top button for ye..."

And then there was something with a young diamond-toothed Dr. Lecter, and people throwing things off bridges, and Hodgins getting to be a conspiracy theorist again, and Caroline Julian with an unfortunate hair colour, and Camille showing remarkable patience, and Zack needing me to hug him, and Brennan wearing sneakers for possibly the first time ever, and shades of subplots, and nice new boy Clark, and awesome company from autobadgirl and janedavitt who came by just to help me and snowdrifted inaugurate the season. (Third. THIRD!)

Full recap will follow. Oh Bones, I'm glad you're back.
17 May 2007 @ 08:24 am
Oh, Bones Season 2, we hardly knew ye. It seems like just yesterday we were rolling our eyes at the clunky romantic office politics and wondering if the squints were ever going to get a plotline. Oh...wait a sec, that WAS just yesterday. (Yuk yuk yuk). But seriously, it's been quite a Season 2 and as much as I mock, I'm much more pleased with this season than with the first.

The Stargazer in a PuddleCollapse )

There have been moments in Season 2 that have frustrated me considerably, but overall I'm impressed at the strides this show has made. There's a stronger sense of these people as individual characters, the filming is well done, the scenes are allowed to play out with long takes as opposed to quick edits and cuts (Grey's Anatomy, I'm looking at you again), and heck, even the wardrobe's gotten better. Also, huge props for not rushing the Booth/Brennan relationship. They've got a partnership going and that's important - heck, in the novels it took 5 books for Tempe and Ryan to hook up. Lots of room for comfortable forward motion in Season 3 on all fronts.

[ETA]: I'm just going to take a shameless, shameless moment for self-promotion and mention that ficathon signups are still open for another week over at bones_alt_ships. If you'd like to write some Brennan/Zack or Goodman/Hodgins or Angela/Cam or Cam/Hodgins or whatever else unconventional, come on over and play with us. ;)